Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Whoa! Summer!!

It's almost over. One more week until they're back in school and my house is quiet and I can try to get all the sand out of my rugs. Summer is always a crazy time for my family because my kids and I operate under one central strategy. If you invite us...we will come. Dirty, uncombed, sunburned and loud, we will show up at your cottage/tent/party with half a bag of chips and a bottle of wine on offer - that's just how we roll! But this summer has been extraordinarily busy for me. In July NEVER BEEN KISSED came out...
The Reader response to this book has been astounding! Thank you to everyone who took the time to write me or to post a review! I am so grateful. In August BETWEEN THE SHEETS came out.
This is my favorite book I've written and Publisher's Weekly gave it a starred review! “Phenomenal . . . The story is deep, complex, and rich, with emotional tones of hope, loss, regret, pain, and so many flavors of love. Shelby and Ty’s romance is dark, erotic, and gloriously full of joy, a total must-read for any romance fan who likes their sex scenes raunchy and their heartstrings plucked.”—Publishers Weekly (starred review) In September the last of THE BOYS OF BISHOP books INDECENT PROPOSAL will be out.
It too got a starred review from Publisher's Weekly! "When his cold front meets her fiery spirit, both characters display a remarkable amount of care, selflessness, and chemistry. Their emotional turmoil and mutual confusion feels real, immediate, and wrenching. This is a love story not to be missed." - Publishers Weekly And as if that wasn't enough - In July my book CRAZY THING CALLED LOVE won the RITA for Best Contemporary Romance! Totally astounding and absolutely shocking!
You can buy all these books HERE and HERE So? How about you? How was your summer?? Full of sand and sunburns?